National Tap Day Japan 2016

Celebrate National Tap Day 2017
April 22 & 23

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Conceived by Saburo Nakagawa and originally produced in 1991 by Ken Ushimaru, National Tap Day Japan has grown to be the largest and most significant tap dance event in the nation. Held annually in the spring, National Tap Day Japan features a 2-hour tap extravaganza performed by the best of Japan's professional tap dancers as well as talented amateurs and dance teams from around the country. National Tap Day Japan also reaches out to other Asian countries and America to bring in guest dance teams and all-star guest performers.

Will you be in Tokyo in April? Would you like to join in the fun? Interested international dancers, friends and fans are encouraged to be in touch.

Contact the NTDJ production team at

Sponsors & Supporters

The National Tap Day team wishes to thank our sponsors and supporters who contribute generously to the success of National Tap Day Japan each year.

Capezio: The world leader in dance footwear.

The world leader in dance footwear. Capezio


TAP, The Last Show

Tap dancer Shinjiro Watari (Yutaka Mizutani) is felled by an accident on stage and he is forced to retire. In his unhappiness, he spends his days drinking. A theater manager asks him to direct the last show for the theater. He begins work on this last show directing young tap dancers. Directed by Yutaka Mizutani. TAP The Last Show


Princess Square real estate

A trusted real estate company with offerings in downtown Tokyo. Princess Square


Basement Tap Shoes, Rental Studio, Shoe Repair

Japan's newest supplier of tap shoes and accessories, Basement offers excellent customization and repair services and has become very popular among Japanese tap dancers. Basement


Chacott Logo

Chacott Co., Ltd. has been a major manufacturer and retailer of dance wear in Japan and around the world for more than 50 years. Chacott operates dance studios in Tokyo and Osaka and have many retail shops throughout Japan. Chacott Co., Ltd.


OHKI Outlet logo

Japan's largest theatrical companies have come to OHKI for many years to fulfill their need for custom dance footwear. OHKI


SEIWA logo

Seiwa Corporation is a manufacturer of fine automotive supplies and accessories. We thank them for their support of National Tap Day. Seiwa Corporation

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